Thursday, October 27, 2011


There were 2 friars who went to SMK Padawan (secondary school) to hear confessions of the students preparing themselves for Confirmation in November 2011.

After passing 4 km off Kg Simpok, something unexpected happened. The car went out off control, skidded for a short distance and then turned on its side - barely 1 metre away from the edge of the road that led into a ravine.

It happened so so fast that there was no time to respond. The good thing was that both the friars wore seatbelts that saved their lives. But in that precarious situation, anything could have happened for example being hit by oncoming traffic on either sides or slide down a 20-foot ravine.

Thank God, we were protected by our guardian angels and escaped unhurt. Being a modern day missionary means one has to be open to surprises and challenges that can crop up in any unexpected manner. The good thing was that there were many kind souls who came quickly to the help of the friars and stayed around until everything was settled.