Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catholics at Sikog Village celebrate Feastday

The Catholic community of Sikog Village, celebrated the feast of its patron, Our Lady of Lourdes, in an evening celebration of Holy Mass, presided by Friar Gerard Victor OFM on Wednesday, February 11, 2009. This year the celebration is the 31st Anniversary.

The Village, situated at Km 35, off Kuching-Serian Road, has about 80 Catholic families.

Mr. Austin Johet, the Chairman of the community made a short welcoming speech soon after the celebration of the Eucharist. This was followed by the Rector of St. Ann, Friar Gerard Victor OFM, who reminded the community to remain steadfast in their faith. After the speeches, the community and guests enjoyed themselves to a fellowship meal.

Among the guests present were the Chairman and Secretary of St Ann’s Family Ministry, Mr. Francis Satim and Mr. Griffin Edem, and their spouses. Also present were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Allas, who had graciously shared the four photographs used here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Mr. Raymond has become a familiar figure here in St Ann Parish, Kota Padawan. An avid shutter bug who continues to help out at some of the Church’s functions like Weddings at the Baruk, Parish Council AGM meeting, St Ann feast day/parish sales and feast-day dinner.

Raymond has been awarded the APRS honour in 1968, the only Daya to receive such an honour, began his love for photography at the age of thirteen. By now, he has a huge collection of photographs that cover from the treasures and heritage of Sarawak (for eg. people from the different tribes and landscapes) to the beauty of Mother Nature (butterflies, pitcher plants). One could truly spend many hours browsing through his photos and admiring the handiwork of Raymond.

Last Christmas, I took the opportunity to visit Raymond and his family. After lunch he took out his collection of photographs and showed them to me. There was alot to digest and absorb at one sitting but Raymond was there to explain and point out some of the significance and background to that particular photograph. Some of photos gave me the feeling of going down Memory Lane especially in the late 50s and 60s.

There is something extraordinary about Raymond. He has a keen eye and a steady hand to capture the beauty of a particular subject. The end product is truly the work of a genius where his picture truly speaks a thousand words, in terms of composition and richness of colours. This man is able to show a unique side of the beauty of Sarawak through his lens.

Some months ago, I spoke with Raymond with regards to the sharing of his unique and wonderful legacy with others especially the people here in Sarawak. There is so much of the local treasures that is waiting to be unearthed and revealed to the people of Sarawak living in our modern times.

One practical way is to have an exhibition at a particular gallery so as to display his photographs. Raymond has also been gracious and wants to donate a part of the proceedings received to the New St Ann Church Building fund. Therefore his aim is two-fold that is to share his heritage with the local Sarawakian community and also support the Building of the New St Ann Church in Pasar Batu 10, Kota Padawan.

While this remains an idea to be pursued for the near future but there is a pressing need for some sort of assistance to help Raymond's dreams come true. Any persons interested to help Raymond can get in touch with him on his mobile phone @ 019-8883118 or St Ann Parish @ 082-611757

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The Gift Coupon project was given a boost by Mr. Frankie Heng, a parishioner from St. Peter’s Chapel, Simpok who made a personal gift of RM5,000 on February 10, 2009 at St. Ann’s Parish Office.
On hand to receive the cheque was the Rector, Friar Gerard Victor, OFM witnessed by Mr. Patrick Kiyok, the Deputy Chairman of St. Ann New Complex Committee.
The Gift Coupon, launched during the Feast Day of St. Ann on July 27, 2008, is one of the fund-raising projects for the new St. Ann Complex. The Committee anticipated raising RM400,000 through this project by April 2009.
We truly hope that the parishioners, friends and benefactors will continue to support our church building fund-raising effort.
Mother Theresa of Calcutta used to say that Christ calls us to give not from our surplus but from our need. This is the kind of giving God assures us He will reward "with good measure flowing over!"