Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deacon William Lee from Singapore

On 1st December 2009, Deacon William Lee arrived in Kuching to help out in the parish. His presence at the parish came as a great surprise where at times God, in his mysterious ways, has a different plan for each individual. Importantly, one has to always be open, positive and take up the new challenges before him/her in the building up of God's kingdom

Although Deacon William is not fluent with the languages spoken in the Kota Padawan area like Biatah Siburan, Iban and Bahasa Malaysia, he has shown his determination to work alongside the parishoners and taken part in some of the sacramental demands of his ministry as a deacon for example once he had to do an emergency baptism at Kuching General Hospital for a new born twin baby.

The parishoners of St Ann have benefited from his presence and have become familiar with this simple Punggol-Teochew speaking boy from Singapore.

Hopefully Deacon William will enjoy his ministry among the Bidayuhs and Iban parishoners and experience the mysterious "hand of God" working actively in his life at this point of time.