Monday, January 19, 2009


The parish of St Ann usually receives Christmas gifts from the parishioners of St Joseph and St Peter to be distributed to the parishioners in the rural villages in the Upper Padawan area.

In December 2008, one priest went to Kg Stabut to distribute the Christmas gifts packed in two big plastic bags. After the final prayer, the children were invited to come forward in a random manner according to the different age group. Most of the present were given out to the children who were present at the mass.

Not long after, one parent came excitedly to describe the Christmas miracle. Her daughter was totally overwhelmed when she opened her present and found a RM 100 together with a bar of chocolate. This family is the poorest family living in the village and this incident came as a real surprise to them.

Christmas is a time to give and receive and the Lord gave himself freely and unconditionally to us at the feast of Christmas. This miracle continues in our present time and in a very special way this poor family has experienced the Lord’s generosity and love for them in an unexpected manner.


The newly elected Parish Councilors at the AGM Parish Council in December 2008 are as follows:

Chairman: Mr Robert Josem
Vice-Chairman: Mr Martin Nyibomb
Secretary: Mr Jose Geda
Assistant Secretary: Mr Lester Rijed
Treasurer: Mr John Raos
Assistant Treasurer: Mr Wilson Tamin

The above personnel will serve a 2-year term and they were introduced to the parishioners of St Ann on 4th January at the 9.30 am mass.


The statue of St Ann has been restored and placed on the hillside that overlooks the road leading to Borneo Heights.

The background to this statue is that it was donated to Fr James Meehan MHM in 1975 by Corporeal Arulapan from the Army. The statue of St Ann needed some restoration after many years because of the usual wear and tear. Many of the parishioners would be able to remember the statue of St Ann placed at the back of the altar in the Baruk previously.

The statue was then given to a well wisher who took pains to restore the statue to her original beauty and she now sits majestically on the hillside.