Wednesday, April 30, 2008


On 18 April 2008, 626 personnel from the Region Two Military Headquarters attended a Eucharistic celebration, celebrated by Fr Gerard Victor at St Ann Baruk (Kota Padawan), in line with their 75th Anniversary celebration.

This celebration is aimed at fostering close relationship among the personnel - who come from the various Christian denominations - in Kuching. According to Lt Col Selvaraj, he mentioned that this event was also to strengthen their faith in God so that they can discharge their duties better. There are also plans to hold special prayer services in other churches like Bau, Lundu and Serian.

After the Mass, there was a reception on the church's grounds, for the service men and women to mingle with one another.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


The timing of the Sunset Mass at St Ann has been changed from 7.30 pm to 6.30 pm with effect from 29 March 2008. A survey was done much earlier to find the response from the grass root level and the parishoners were happy to bring forward the timing of the Sunset mass to 6.30 pm.

Because of the availability of 2-Mandarin speaking priests on the parish, a decision was made in January 2008 to have the Mandarin mass so as to serve the Chinese community in Kota Padawan area. Both Fr Moses Yap and Joseph Lee take turns to help out with the Mandarin mass on Sundays at 5.30pm.