Friday, May 23, 2008


The community at Kampung Sampun Kelili, Samarahan witnessed the Rite of Welcome ceremony on 19 April 2008. This was a historical and proud moment for the community where 26 catechumens participated in the Rite.

Even though the ceremony was celebrated in a simple manner but this event marks the progress and growth within the community. Prior to the Rite of Welcome, there were a lot of ground preparations done to ensure that the candidates were ready for the event.

After the Eucharist, there was a meal fellowship, prepared by the community, where there was opportunity to mingle with the members in the community so as to get to know them better and also support them in their faith journey.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


During the month of the Rosary in May, a decision was made by the Rector to recite the Franciscan crown at the different Tamans, under St Ann Parish. This was to build a closer rapport with the parishoners in the various Tamans at the grass root level.

The Rosary month kicked off with Taman Greenwood. The parishoners organised the prayers among themselves and took turns to lead the Rosary. There was a meal fellowship after the Rosary and then we had a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate Mother's Day.

This was the first time where the Rosary devotion was held at the level of Taman and a good number of parishoners turned up for the event.


The Children Liturgy group of St. Ann celebrated Mother's Day in a simple yet visible manner. Led by Teresa Jita and her team, they started their project of wrapping single stalk Carnation flowers on Wednesday evening and worked through to Saturday afternoon.

Immediately after the 9.30 morning mass, the children gathered at strategic points to distribute the flowers to the mothers present. It was certainly a small effort to show their appreciation of all mothers who continue to play an important role in the life of the family.