Monday, April 30, 2007

Kampung Prutan Revisited

KOTA PADAWAN-Kampung Prutan is a small settlement off Kuching-Serian Road at 17th Mile, with an approximate number of 33 Catholics, who worship at St Patrick's Chapel, Kampung Mesaan on Sundays. Since last year, this community has been clamouring for more pastoral attention, as many of its members find it difficult to trudge off to St Patrick's for Sunday services, due a myriad of reasons. For that reason, the catechists of St Ann and Friar Joseph Goh OFM, the rector, made a goodwill cum fact-finding visit to the community in 2006. During that time, Mr Julias Awell Herrick was asked to care for the community's pastoral needs, chiefly religious education. The Prayer Leaders of St Patrick's also kindly consented to take turns to lead the Sunday service at the home of one of the members of the community, as a chapel has yet to be built. The second visit at 6.30 pm on Sunday, 29th April, with only the Rector and St Ann's catechist, Stephen Jawum representing the parish in attendance, saw a gradual but certain progress in the community. Many are already well-versed in the basic prayers, and others are preparing for First Communion, Confirmation, RCIA and RCIC in Bahasa Malaysia. The gathering ended at 7.20 pm, with a potluck dinner. After the dinner, many members of the community and the Rector went to a home nearby for a house blessing and prayers for the sick.

Seratau Celebrates Easter

The Catholic community of St Francis Xavier, Kampung Seratau, off Kuching-Serian Road, organised an Easter fellowship dinner on Saturday, 28th April at the community hall. Largely an in-house gathering, the fellowship was also successful in securing RM5000 as donation for the St Ann's New Complex Fund. The affair was organised by the KGK (Village Church Committee).

Friday, April 27, 2007

SK St Agnes Pangkalan Kuud Celebrates the Eucharist

Fr Joseph Goh OFM and Catechist Emily Ayu trudged off to SK St Agnes, Pangkalan Kuud, a mission Primary School just off Padawan Road, on Friday, 27th April 2007, to celebrate the first of two masses for the year. Scores of children, parents and teachers gathered at the canteen for the Mass at 1.30 pm. The Mass was overseen by Cikgu Disip.

A new Signage for the Prayer Hut

Members of the Maintenance Committee worked hard and long to put up a new signage and cross for the Prayer Hut on Sunday, 22nd April. The Prayer Hut and its statues were blessed on Divine Mercy Sunday, just 7 days earlier.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel: 26th April

The Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel is of some significance because it is one of the feasts of Our Lady that occurs during the season of Easter. Furthermore, it is a reminder that we need the counsel of the Woman who was not only chosen to be the Mother of the Saviour, but who was also one of the first witnesses of his Resurrection:
Records dating from the reign of Paul II (1464-71) relate that the picture of Our Lady, at first called "La Madonna del Paradiso" and now better known as "Madonna del Buon Consiglio", appeared at Genazzano, a town about twenty-five miles southeast of Rome, on St. Mark's Day, 25 April, 1467, in the old church of Santa Maria, which had been under the care of Augustinians since 1356. The venerated icon itself, which is drawn on a thin scale of wall-plaster little thicker than a visiting-card, was observed to hang suspended in the air without the slightest apparent support; thus early tradition, which furthermore tells how one might have passed a thread around the image without touching it. At once devotion to Our Lady in Santa Maria sprang up; pilgrim-bands began to resort thither; while miracles in ever-increasing numbers, of which a register was opened two days after the event, were wrought, as they still continue to be, at the shrine. Source:

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Multiple Blessings on Divine Mercy Sunday

KOTA PADAWAN-On Divine Mercy Sunday, 15th April 2007, more than 1oo parishioners and friends of St Ann gathered for the annual Divine Mercy Service at 3.00 pm. This was followed by the blessing of the new St Ann's Complex Office, the Refreshment Corner (Sudut Merarau) and the Prayer Hut (Pondok Doa). The multiple blessings were presided by Friar Joseph Goh OFM, the Rector.

Photos show a section of the congregation at the Service, the blessing and a parishioner lighting a candle at the Prayer Hut. The faithful are most welcome to drop in and say a prayer at the Prayer Hut, graced with the statues of Mary Immaculate and St Ann, encased in glass.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bengoh elects Baxtor Rujan as Chairman

Mr Baxtor Rujan was elected Chairman of the KGK (Village Church Committee) for a second term, during their Annual General Meeting on Easter Sunday, 8th April 2007. In attendance were Fr Joseph Goh OFM, the Rector, as well as Mr Robert Josem, the Parish Council Chairman. There was also an impressive representation from the larger community for the meeting.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Divine Mercy Service-An Invitation

You are invited to attend a special service in honour of the Divine Mercy this Sunday, 15th April 2007, 3.00 pm sharp, at St Ann's Baruk, to mark the end a 9-Day Novena in honour of the Divine Mercy of Our Lord. There will be recitation of the Divine Mercy chaplet and litany, Liturgy of the Word and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
Light refreshments will be served thereafter. You are most welcome to bring along a plate to share with others if you like.
Please ask your friends to join us too!
Enquiries: Call us at 082-611757!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!

A very Blessed Easter from all of us at St Ann's!
May the glory of the Risen Lord lighten your burdens and fill you with joy!

Divine Mercy Novena

30-40 people congregated on Good Friday evening to begin the Novena to the Divine Mercy, praying for personal needs abd the needs of the parish and benefactors.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Holy Wednesday

Mrs Anna Dan, a volunteer, busies herself with preparing altar bread for the Triduum, counting and packing thousands of hosts.

Reparing the Shrine

The wooden statue of St Ann at the 'pondok', or little house, or shrine, has literally disintegrated over the years, due to the elements and insect attacks. A new statue of Our Lady, Mary Immaculate will be erected in its place. A smaller, sturdier statue of St Ann will reside at the left hand side. Both will be encased in glass for protection and durability. We will post new photos upon completion.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Children sing Hosanna at Batu Gong

Out of the lips of babes come forth words of praise to the Messiah who entered Jerusalem to suffer and to die for the salvation of humankind. The children at St Paul's, Batu Gong congregated for the annual event on Sunday 1st April 2007, and posed for the camera with palm branches held in their hands.

The Baruk Leaks On

On Palm Sunday afternoon, parishioners gathered for the Sacrament of Reconciliation despite a heavy downpour. It was not a very comfortable experience, as one can imagine from the photos shown...