Thursday, February 25, 2010

Matthew 25: 33 - 40

The parable put forth by Jesus remains a great challenge for all his followers. As the Body of Christ, we are called to serve the poor, the marginalised and the rejects of our modern-day society.

The Home of Peace, located some 3 kilometers from St Ann Parish, comes under the care of St Ann parish. On 20th February 2010, we began with a Mass celebrated in the Home of Peace's Chapel. The parishoners from the nearby Taman Landeh and Taman RPR Landeh came to attend the Mass and support the residents. It was a good turnout by the parishoners from the two Tamans who will have to gradually take ownership of their commitment to the Home of Peace and also respond to the challenge of Jesus' parable in the Gospel of Matthew.

Our presence as parishoners of St Ann certainly made an impact on the residents, the SSFS sisters ministering in the Home and Alvin (Administrator). The celebration of Mass at the Home of peace will soon become a regular feature where the Mass will be celebrated on the first, third, fourth and fifth Saturdays of every month.

You are invited to join us at the mass and experience the joy of serving the Lord's poor.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


A small delegation of parishoners and two friars drove up to Betong to witness the official opening and blessing of the Holy Family chapel in Betong.

The journey began on Friday afternoon and the group stayed over at Our Lady of Peace parish for the night, under the generous hospitality of Fr Patrick Heng.

Next morning we set out for Betong and arrived at the chapel and was told to be aware of the slippery road leading to the Betong Chapel. Fortunately, we arrived safely at the chapel and joined in the celebrations. The other friar who arrived at the scene, in the morning, was Friar Joseph Lee. He was picked up in the early hours of the morning so as to be on time for the ceremony.

Deacon William Lee was part of the delegation that arrived one day earlier and this trip was his first to Sri Aman. He played his role as a deacon by assisting Bishop John Ha during the ceremony.

After the mass we made our way back to St Ann Parish and it was quite an experience for all of us to be there and witness the official opening and blessing of the Holy Family Chapel in Betong.