Sunday, June 27, 2010



The SAYANG group of St Ann organised an outing for the youths of St Ann to Mt Sentah on 18 June 2010. Even though there was a light drizzle in the morning, this did not dampen their spirits as they made their way up Mt Sentah. They participated in the mass celebrated by Friar William Lee followed by a fellowship potluck together.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


The parish of St Ann received good news that the State Planning Authority (SPA) has finally approval the submission of the St Ann new Complex, after a long 4-year wait.

The design and plan of the new St Ann Complex was submitted in 2006 and there was nothing further heard with regards to the progress of the SPA approval.

In October 2009, the St Ann Building and Maintenance Committee (SABMC) was formed to look into this matter and other matters pertaining to the construction and design of the new Church. Mr Francis Jiee took up the matter and pursued the matter as best as he could. Finally his persistence paid off, when we received news on 16th June 2010 of the approval by SPA.

This means we have to start the groundwork and gradually work towards making our dream come true for the parishioners of St Ann

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's day Celebration at St Ann

The Children Liturgy of the Sunset Mass celebrated Father's day by dedicating the song "You Raise Me Up" to their fathers present in the congregation.

A small performance by our "little ones" but it must have touched and melted the hearts of the fathers hearing their dedication to their SPECIAL ONE in their lives.

Fr William Lee was also privileged to be part of the celebrations and witness the powerful "St Ann-style" performance.

New member at St Ann - Fr William Lee

Fr William Lee returned to Kuching to celebrate the Sunset Mass, as an ordained friar, at St Ann Baruk on 19 June 2010. He also took the opportunity to thank the parishoners for their continual prayers and support in his priestly ministry/journey.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Corpus Christi Part III

Corpus Christi Part II

Corpus Christi Procession at St Ann Parish

Here are some of the pictures taken during the Corpus Christi Process on 6th June 2010 at St Ann Parish:

A Big Thank-you for the Corpus Chrisri Organising Committee that had planned this event and also the St Ann Wardens who controlled the traffic and movement of parishoners along the procession route and our 2 parishoners from the police force who helped to direct the traffic at the roundabout before St Ann and Jalan Landeh road.

Miracle at Zone Ziburan?

On 5 June 2006, one of the friars went to Kg Seratau to celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi together with the parishoners under Zone Siburan. Upon arrival at the kampung, people were greeted with a downpour and dark clouds in the sky.

This meant that the Corpus Christi procession at the end of the Mass had to be called off and instead Plan B was formulated. Even the Chairman of Kg Seratau felt that Plan B was the best option.

What was God's message for his people who came to participate in the Corpus Christi celebration? Perhaps for 2010, the procession will be limited to the church's grounds only.

However towards the end of the Mass, a miracle happened. The rain had stopped completely and we had to revert to what was originally planned. There was a certain enthuasism to begin the procession and the parishoners were waiting in anticipation to begin the Corpus Christi procession.

What struck me at the end of the whole celebration was this text from Scriptures "Lord I believe, help my unbelief". One simple yet outstanding miracle that happened on 5th June 2010 at Kg Seratau.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010