Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baptism of Visually Impaired Couple in St Ann

After a long journey of perseverance, both Clement Egoh and his wife, Mary Peny, who are visually impaired, were baptised on 22 May 2010 at St Ann parish.

The faith journey for Clement Egoh began in 1999 but he was not sure as to how to go about in his search. However his good friend the late Victor, from Kg Seratau, came into his life and brought the couple and his family by taxi, for the Sunday mass at St Ann in 2007.

The faith journey was not an easy one especially after the loss of their friend Victor, who suffered a massive heart attack. However Victor has planted the seed of faith and this helped the couple to preserve and finally make the decision to get baptised. Joseph Juni, the catechist from St Ann, continued their faith formation and prepared them to become members of God’s family through Baptism.Besides, the daughter was also baptized on the same day and this was truly a happy occasion for the whole family.

The Lord certainly works in many mysterious ways to draw others closer to his abundant love and compassion. The Church needs more “Victors” to come forward and become Christ Light for others so that our whole world can be filled with God’s infinite love for every individual seeking his Presence.

Saturday, May 29, 2010




This year 2010, the pre-gawai committee decided to celebrate the Pre-Gawai celebrations in a more cultural and ethinc manner. These photographs truly speak about our Dayak-style celebration on 21 May 2010: